Madonna is still the s**t, says Rihanna
Madonna to face trial in Russia for promoting gay rights


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I could do without politics at a concert. I didn't care for it- but I just ignored it. I respect Madonna's rights to freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It's not always my cup of tea- but it wouldn't make me boo her. :)


"Did you get my point Now ?
Posted by: JC | Sunday, 11 November 2012 at 04:09 PM"

Sorry, no - both your posts are pretty incoherent.

Ann Arbor

She knew she was going to be booed before she said anything. Growing up in Middle America is like that. You always know there will be percentage of people who disagree with you and be vocal about it.

I love that she gave props to Michigan. There is a different kind of inspiration you get when someone from the same town, same streets and same school becomes a worldwide legendary iconic superstar.


She is not only a great artist, She also is a human being who is trying hard to make people understand how important is being tolerant,respectful,no being discriminator with other people just because of Race,religion or Sexual orientation. We all are humans we all deserved love and being love , we all need the same opportunity and equals right. God bless Madonna for help people to see the world in a different way.

People should be more respectful about her speech and listen. I was so frustrated about how people still supporting Romney after all his lies, secret videos, extremely discrimination with other races and gay people, no being honest about his plan for the nation. And you still want to vote got him ? Is like my cousin that bitch forgot where she came from and now she is republican because Obama support gay marriage ? Did you get my point Now ? Did you understand yourself ?


She is just amazing ! Great show but also so smart to open her mind and opinion to let people know how important is to support democracy cause this is so important and people for should learn and get more educated about it. Your passion or be part of a group that you think you will fit is stupid. If you really know what I mean. ! Election are over yes but people still need to understand that this is not about you is about your country. ! Now is time to work together and look forward for a best future and I hope the congress work hard and smart with the president. We need a change so start for your behavior and how you treat some one else.


@Mickey- I find your remarks "reductive"!!


I have no problem listening to an informed entertainer or celebrity speak and even lend support to a Democratic candidate. But to respect a public figure that obviously doesn't have the same political interests as the average voter and will say anything if it puts her in a good light with core fans, particularly one who consistently brags about not reading the paper or listening to the news is totally insane.


Ngl...honey, where do I even begin. Lets just say it is a bit inconceivable to a reasonably intelligent person why someone would pay X amount to knowingly see one of the most straightforwardly opinionated performers EVER (2nd only to Bono) only to BOO her when said opinions get expressed. Which is NOT to say you can't enjoy her music and not agree with her opinions or that HER opinion is the only correct one...but to SPEND a not small chunk of change and then boo her lacks a certain amount of logic/common sense. Booing would seem to be reserved if she sat in a chair with a flashlight and a fog machine while singing along to her CD....THAT would deserve boos. I've seen this concert twice now and I will say that her speeches ground the vibe of the event to a screeching halt and yes I'd have rather her fit in another song then go on a rant BUT!! I don't fault her for that because she is a woman with something to say AND I'm proud to be her fan BECAUSE she has something to say...maybe she got one person to vote for Obama or someone to contribute to Pussy Riot's defense...who knows. Even if I disagreed with her it wouldn't even occur to me to boo her or try to silence her in any matter...why would anyone need to "show" her otherwise as you suggest. Again you knowingly paid to see an opinionated person..go watch you tube (for free!!) and edit what you can't handle. You or "they" can call her opinion stupid but you or "they" bought the ticket or spent precious moments of your life commenting on her...I'm sorry...who's stupid??

BUT yes ngl, I know her message VERY well and since her children got death threats during the AL debacle I'm sure some booing halfwits in an arena don't much register on her psyche and that she'll be fine (though being "home" had to sting). As for those who boo or write terrible things which I think includes you HERE (though I admit I may be mistaken) my advice is get a life! Follow my example...I don't like Bieber or Gaga so you know what I do...I don't buy their tickets, I don't go onto their fan sites and say how awful "I" think their music is, and I don't click on articles about them and guess what??? they don't impact my life in ANY way....its quite liberating if you try it. Use that concert money to donate to the cause of your choice (even for the Republicans) take the time you would use to type and trash somebody you'll never know and could EASILY ignore and go plant a tree...otherwise YES it makes you an idiot. (...and before anybody says it, this post is a direct response to someone who called me out by name so that last sentence does not apply here..HA HA)


Well said comments everyone :) Very articulate fans Madonna has :) Bravo!


NGL - I really enjoyed your comments on this. I also thought Madonna did a brilliant job of diffusion in this show. Although I hate all the bad press that Madonna gets sometimes I think it is necessary for Madonna to get the message that the general public have some gripes, and if people boo at her political opinions then that is their prerogative to be outspoken too. Real fans want Madonna to get better as she ages which is incredibly hard when you're also as successfully and prolific as M is. I don't think M would care for a bunch of sheep as fans. She values opinions, although I think those closest to her can be timid about sharing. And I do think it's unfortunate that she gets surrounded by 'yes' men but I think its a fact of life that those you surround yourself with are those that follow similar paths, similar beliefs, similar tastes. Hence, once an artist veers down a path artistically, most of those around her are very supportive of the direction but the general public and media (not being exposed to it until release) can be much more 'objective' or 'harsh' in their criticism. To this day, no one takes more risks than M. Even if you didn't enjoy MDNA, no one can say it was an out-of-the box M record. There were some new experiments in there...some were successful, and others fell short.


My earlier post should have said WITHOUT being a Liberal Lefty Luvvie like she is.


@Mickey: simple question, why do people have to have the same political views as M to go to her shows? You can still like her music with being a Liberal Lefty Luvvie like she is.

One thing that IS clear is that, with M.D.N.A. and this tour, M is polarising and pi$$ing off more fans than she has for a long time. And not in a good way. I have been a fan since the beginning, but since Hard Candy onwards I have been left very cold to the music, the tours and the woman herself, who comes across more and more as an armchair politician.


The election is over! Madonna stop with the politics already and just put on a show. We are tired of hearing about it already! A concert should not be about Democrats or Republicans. It should be about the music.


This is so sad, but Madonna rose above it and on with the show. Sad to see her hometown boo her like that. But she got that Republican money, it spends just like any other! You're the QUEEN and that's all there is to it! They feel your threat! :)


@Mickey- What a tragic, cynical view you have about most of the people in the world! The world may not be perfect but its not that bad- life is not black or white but various shades of grey, metaphorically speaking. Madonna's 'overall' message is a Positive & Hopeful one about life & the importance of Love, yet she doesn't pretend it's always perfect. People aren't idiots- some people boo when Madonna sometimes does/says stupid things... she doesn't deny that she has shortcomings, she even wrote an autobiographical song called "I'm So Stupid"! She isn't that stupid though- she's lasted for 30 years in the entertainment industry. I seriously doubt any person would pay to attend a Madonna concert with the sole intention just to boo her. I think it's healthy that some people do boo Madonna at things they don't like, as this would help Madonna to evaluate what she is saying or doing in her life- Madonna gets honesty from an audience whereas in her daily life she is surrounded by 'yes' people because they are on her payroll. I don't think for a moment that Madonna gets too upset by the critics, she enjoys pushing peoples buttons. Madonna is a very resilient woman, supremely talented & that is why people PAY to see her in concert.


I'll answer your question Peter---its the same reason people come here to trash her or click on random articles about her to say terrible horrible things that nobody deserves...people (in general) these days lead such empty lives that bitter, jealous, hate is all they have left and any anonymous opportunity they have to vent it is like a big "O" to them. I believe some probably WOULD pay the money just to boo.
Oh yeah and never forget....people are idiots!


I was at this show. I felt bad for Madonna. The crowd was not very enthusiastic, on the whole. I don't understand why apparent republicans are going to Madonna shows. How is it that republicans like Madonna enough to even pay for tickets in the first place? And what do they expect her political views to be? After 30 years, it's quite unreasonable to anticipate that Madonna will be apolitical at a show.

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