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Tuesday, 30 October 2012


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...and instead of trading stupid insults at Lady GaGa, maybe Madonna should focus on getting her chart supremecy back in order? Shes coming across like a child. I dont like GaGa, but i dont like Madonna acting like a Queen when stupidly she has let her credibity slip to the bottom of the charts. In comparison Madonna is lazy compared to GaGa! At least she is able to see and rectify her mistakes by listening to the fans! Who wants to follow an aged pop stat languishing at the bottom of the charts? Its time she focused on what made her in the first place, the music!


Guy Oseary=joke! Seriously, he and Madonna are way out of touch with what the fans want and expect from her! They are now slaves to Livenation and the deal they struck. Nothing is about the fan anymore, why else would she play Hyde Park? Totally inapropriate venue for her visual shows! And Edinburgh, we got totally sold short of THREE songs! Its disgusting! And dont start me on the complete embarrassment that was her album and singles performance! The total lack of thought and organisation behind the videos, promo and singles release(s) were an absolute mess! She has ruined her legacy and to be frank, i dont see how she'll ever have a UK top 40 hit again let alone a number 1, and for what? A tour that was just the same as the others?

They got this era wrong, number 1 tour, yes, music credentials and chart legacy? A disaster! She always bleets on that its always about the music... I think not!


Top manager? You have got to be kidding me! I am gonna jump off the window in case he wins!


@Lee- Fair point, I didn't notice that the awards are held on the same date that Madonna is performing in Detroit! We can forget about that Sandra reunion then. @Tracy/ tracy- I agree with both of your sentiments, which is basically the same sentiment- Guy O is NOT a top manager & I hope he doesn't win an award!! Now if only there was an award for the Worst Manager!!!


Guy Oseary "Top Manager"! Seriously???
Wish Madonna would get rid of him and get a real manager again.


Sandra and Madonna haven't been out to dinner since 1998 (AFAIK, lol) but see each other regularly at the Kaballah Center in New York.


ngl: since M is performing in Detroit on the day the awards are due to be presented, I can't imagine she would go. Unless, of course, she is planning on being on stage even later in Detroit than usual.... ;-)


I hope Madonna wins something, just so Madonna & Sandra can be 'reunited' after all these years! Whatever happened to Sandra career wise? She was a great comedian and comedic actress but she kind of disappeared.


Naturally, I want M to win! However, liek othersw, I think Guy and LiveNation's promotion of the tour was just appalling. As such, I kinda hope Guy doesn't win...!


top manager???? seriously??? xxx


this is all well deserved, but don't you think the moment factory deserves an award for coolest visuals ever

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