Madonna and Washington Capital's Mattias Sjögren
North American MDNA Billboard Boxscore Figures


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@JP, I think you are right- John Lennon was the first person this image made me think of; the image on the right is a pure guess, Sade?!? I was too scared to start naming names in the beginning because I wasn't sure if it was just me that could see these images!! I feel relieved to know my eyesight isn't failing me!!!


I almost wanna say that the silhouette to the left of Madonna could be John Lennon but the female silhouette to the right is harder to guesstimate


I saw this ad on a subway car and almost shot it for Madonnalicious myself. It's actually for some satellite radio station -- there are a few more images on the right. I couldn't even tell you who the other artists were.


At first glance I was like great, they are using the MDNA cover on a billboard to help give the LP some much needed promotion!!! However, I then looked closer and noticed two faces blended into the cover image..spooky! Halfway over Madonnas face is the outline of a guy wearing glasses and to the very right is profile of a girls face. WTF? Is this billboard picture the result of a previous image having just changed and this is a 'ghosting' electronic image mid-transition before full change completed??

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