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Madonna tapes 'The Ellen Show' appearance

Madonna taped a full episode of 'The Ellen Show' in Los Angeles yesterday - the show will air in the US on Monday 29 October.

Speedylegz, one of Madonna's MDNA tour dancers also posted this picture and tweet: I Just performed in America's greatest TV show : ELLEN Degeneres Show'.

Does this mean we have a musical performance to look forward to as well? Or maybe a Hard Candy Fitness workout - as she gave out Addicted to Sweat DVDs to the audience?


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I missed my chance to get there , NOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!

I just have to watche it on Tv =(


I am one of the few who can't stand Ellen. I think she is totally unfunny and very insincere. If you look at her old comedy series, it shows that she can't act, as she is the same on that as her chat show!

That said, like ngl, I am pleased M is going to be on it. Like ngl, I also wish there had been promotion for the album, which would also have ensured better ticket sales for the tour, too.


Woohoo! Can't wait.


I LOVE Ellen & I'm sure she will manage to create a decent interview with Madonna- if Madonna carries on too much about the product she is plugging Ellen will step in & stop it in the form of a joke! Love Ellen, and it is obvious from her show that she is a genuine Madonna fan- she often dances to Madonna songs during her show! Shame Madonna didn't go on Ellen (& other talk shows; plus magazine feature articles etc) to PROMOTE 'MDNA' LP when it was released- her latest LP has suffered from a severe lack of promotion. I wonder what song Madonna will perform on Ellen- I hope it's a new single, just in time for Xmas!

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