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30th Anniversary of 'Everybody' commercial release

This Saturday 06 October marks the 30th anniversary of the commercial release of 'Everybody', Madonna's first single. It first hit the shelves of music stores worldwide on October 6th, 1982!

To celebrate this special landmark in her career, Madonna fans all over the world have psyched themselves up to download the song on itunes this Saturday. Their mission? To get 'Everybody' to hit #1 on the chart in as many countries as possible. They are also requesting the song on their local music stations.

The worldwide movement was started by a Madonna fan in Montreal Canada, who runs an online community (Madonna Fan Campaigns). He also made a special commemorative mashup video of 'Everybody' that features; Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Pink, Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga. The video illustrate the impact that Madonna has had on today's pop music industry.

The Facebook Event:


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Very nice montage! There is not an artist out there who hasn't borrowed or been inspired by a previous artist. I would not say it is ripping off another artist because they all put their own spin on the look or sound...Madonna is just one of the biggest music icons ever, so it is more apparent. The fact that Madonna has a 30 year career in the music industry without falling into the trappings of drug and alcohol abuse shows her sheer determination and talent. No other current music artist will ever be as huge as Madonna was at the height of her career, or be as successful as she has been for 30 years. Love her. Hate her. No one can deny the success she has attained. Peace 2 all!


I'd've preferred it if M had released some decent music for this MDNA era that had become natural, contemporary Number Ones.

Attempting to plunder a back catalogue clearly wouldn't work, given the failure of fans to buy the tracks from MDNA in sufficent numbers to get them to #1.

Had Everybody got to #1, would M not have considered her fans to be, well, reductive...?


@ Holden Caufield you are so right about Madonna's 'stolen' looks from over the years & they go way past Monroe- as fascinating as they are, she has really borrowed from the past! It really worked for Madonna in the pre-internet age, many people (myself included) weren't that exposed to images of early Hollywood Stars etc and people gave Madonna a lot more credit for her physical transformations then than were warranted. However, I do give Madonna credit for having the physical beauty to pull them of convincingly- not many people are able to be that versatile, and I admire her sheer bravery!! Brave:yes, Beautiful:yes!, Original Looks: Only Sometimes; certainly in recent years. Sadly, the internet has killed our 'image innocence'-eg 'Hollywood' Music video; Madonna rocked what appeared to be an array of 70's looked- then someone on the net exposed the fact that Madonna was copying a photo layout from an obscure magazine from the 70's!! It had legal implications! This is the last video Madonna has made with a variety of different looks- shame, I miss this Madonna trait even if it is not completely original.


Yes it is true that alot of what Madonna has done herself had been done by others before her, the difference was that the majority of her inspirations came from the obscure and underground and she brought it mainstream to the masses at the peak of her career. She did it so well that it is still in the minds of alot of people, and when the newcomers of today try to repeat her inventiveness it seems to be a ripoff of Madonna herself because it is still fresh, and because Madonna was exceptional at her transformations it just seems repetitive in the new artists. I love Madonna, no one entertains me more than she does, (I just watched Evita on blu ray last night, beautiful film, when is Who's That Girl coming to blu ray?), and I also like Lady Gaga alot, but she doesn't seem to be taking inspiration from as much as copying Madonna, and that is the difference in the marketing genius of Madonna and everyone else. I cannot wait to see Madonna (I can finally say next month, YEAH!!!), and I have my Lady Gaga tickets for March. Yes you can enjoy both artists because they make truly enjoyable music.

Cuncerned citi zen

Exactly, where was Katy perry? I agree with Christine anyway, this wont work. Give it a rest already. And do not leave Katy from California out AGAIN or else why bother. She has REAL talent.

Holden Caufield

I agree with Christine, it won't work; however, I think the fan-made video is actually pretty good. I do have one critique that I picked up on and it was not mentioned in the article but the video is riddled with it. The video insinuates that Madonna is the inspiration for all the other acts by showing images of them that are similar to a classic Madonna image. While it may be true that P!nk, Gaga, Britney, Justin, etc. do have guises that are inspired by a past Madonna looks, people believe Madonna to be the originator of those incarnations. People, virtually every Madonna reinvention, image or music, has a foundation elsewhere that Madonna researched and assimilated as her own. Madonna is great at marketing herself but virtually everything she has done has already been done prior by other artists, photographers, actors, musicians, etc.

I know that this will unsettle my fellow Madonna fans, but it is true.


Will Cristobal

I still have my "Everybody" 12-inch (vinyl) single!


I decided to take part in this, but imagine my surprise/disappointment when I visited the I-Tunes Oz Store late in the day and found that 'Everybody' is not even in the Top 200 singles! I then checked the I-Tunes dedicated Madonna page and 'Everybody' was not anywhere to be seen in her own top singles listing. This campain appears to be an Epic fail.


A nice idea but IMO 'Everybody' doesn't deserve it, so it won't get my download support. I prefer 'Burning Up' & 'Holiday', but the most worthy song would be 'Lucky Star' because it was her first top 5 hit! I would support a campain for these songs. Madonna's self-titled 1st LP was remastered in '01 and includes 2 bonus sublime remixes of both 'Lucky Star' and 'Burning Up'! I wish Madonna would release next year a special deluxe 30th Anniversay Edition of her first LP, with extra tracks and a DVD about the making of the album, music videos and rare promo live performances! @Christine- 'who thinks this stuff up', it is either a fan that wants Madonna to be mega-successful like she used to be, or it's I-Tunes that wants to make lots of money!!



Marky Sparkle

Must be nice to have a family member help you out. Or....someone. Anyone. Why don't I pray for it? Wrong connection, that doesn't work for me. Just makes everyone else meaner.

Marky Sparkle

Yeah sure. Take some more of our money and give nothing back apart from false hopes and JayCee sighs! We'd support you if you actually did what you hadn't plotted for back then. Evil Nation.


This won't work...wasn't this the idea for Express Yourself last year and we had like a months notice and it failed...who thinks this stuff up :(

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