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Thursday, 02 August 2012


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Its already out on itunes UK. As with the other flop singles, it got released on a saturday... Ive given up even trying to workout Interscopes rationale for releasing Madonna's singles the day before the official chart run down. Its almost like they are doing it with minimal fuss, the day before the charts tally, so that the single will flop! Should provide excellent fodder for the rags to denounce her career as over!

Im just sad that her music has been dumped by the sidelines in favour of a below average tour. It wasnt the spectacle we were promised at all. A flying band? We had flying ninja's in 2001 but that didnt stop her promoting the hell out of her Music album! With the MDNA tour we were promised a spectacular event... Or at least thats what Guy Oseary spouted when fans criticised the lack of album promotion and shambolic single(s) releasefiasco! But it never happend! The set list was dire given her amazing back catalogue! So where DID all that time and money go if it wasnt spent on promoting and selling the album? I feel really short changed... She even abandoned 2 songs in Edinburgh!

It was so much better when it was about the music... How on earth did it ever get to this?! Bad reviews, none charting singles and her management having to defend 45 minute promo gigs that in the past, were seen as special and praised beyond belief?! Even William Orbit went public on her bizarre preference for selling shoes over publicising and working on her album! If Madonna isnt into it, how can we be?!?! I just think this time team Madonna got it very wrong. Despite all the millions the tour WILL make, this era has just been a shambles from the start, a shambles she can ill afford at this stage in her career, and one which is going to leave a very bitter after taste in many fans mouths for years to come... So sad it had to end up like this. She is practically giving her crown away! When she had to work damn hard for it!


remix 2 and 3 are perfect. LOVE IT..will get the single


deadmau5-lol!!!! @superjefferson-i gree actually.i didnt much like this song till i heard it at birmingham gig-i love it now.soooo uplifting. i HAVE to turn it up when it comes on!!xx


@ Jolyon Forsyte: "she seems to be going into some dark places"...Could you be more specific? I am really curious where the places are.

Jolyon Forsyte

Hooray. Can't wait.

I saw on another Madonna site, that she (and her group) left Poland as soon as the concert was over. God bless her, and everyone in her show. She seems to be going into some dark places on this tour. Not a good time in history to be traveling certain parts of the world. All the more reason, I tip my hat to her, for spreading a positive message wherever she goes. I've been meditating for years - for some reason, Madonna's message to look forward - avoid the negative - be positive and a good example, helps to keep me on track more than anyone else has. Madonna, keep up the good work.


No Deadmaus remix...? ;-)


I must admit, this is not my favourite song from the MDNA album. Girl gone wild, Give me all your loving, Love spent, Beautiful kuller, I am addicted, Gang bang and falling free are my favourite ones, however, after the gig in Birmingham, it has been growing on me...It had such a good feeling and energy in the concert!What a good gig!!! This is a feel good song!I am not very keen to the first and fourth remixes...I will certainly download the rest ones...

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