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Madonna arrives in Finland

Madonna's 57th Billboard Top 10 Dance Club Hit

Madonna extends her lead as the act with the most top 10s on the Dance Club/Play Songs chart as 'Turn Up the Radio' zooms 19-8 in its third chart week - marking the diva's 57th top 10.
It's her 28th top 10 in a row - a streak that began with 1999's 'Beautiful Stranger' (No. 1 for two weeks). 'Turn Up the Radio' bowed at No. 39, and then moved to No. 19 before sailing to No. 8 this week.
Further, 'Turn Up the Radio's' swift rise to the top 10 is especially notable. Since 2010, only six songs have jumped into the region in three weeks or less - and three of them are by Madonna. Aside from 'Turn Up the Radio,' she also sped into the top 10 earlier this year in three weeks time with 'Girl Gone Wild' (46-20-7 on April 7) and 'Give Me All Your Luvin' (in only two weeks: 24-9 on March 10).



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Hello Mina :-)

Thanks for your thoughts, and thanks too for the '8rz' bit of education - I hadn't seen that one before! I agree with you too, on the point you made about the words 'bully' and 'bullying'. Such a shame.



Wow! What a great post, and totally correct and insightful! I wish I had written it!

Agree with your assessment of this whole "haters" (or, even worse, "8rz"!!!!!!!) nonsense. It's very much like the way "bullying" has been hijacked. Bullying is terrible, naturally; these days, however, if someone even so much as (constructively) criticises someone, the "bully" word is bandied around.

Wonder if I will now be labelled a "hater"/"8r" or a "bully" for agreeing with you...? ;-)


Dear InDaSnatch

With all due respect to you as a person, I don't think you realise that you are using strange definitions of words like 'support' and 'love', because so many people are using them too so you feel 'one of a crowd' (only your crowd matters, doesn't it? ;-)). You are not alone in that, but since the topic is receiving attention I thought I'd tell you a bit more about why.

You clearly identify with a particular aspect of USA youth culture, and that's where you got your ideas and definitions from. By now those ideas have spread far outside the USA's borders however it remains true that most people in the world still don't use them. Maybe most people within the USA don't either, but they're being out-shouted by this particular aspect of their youth culture, which currently is dominating online and offline.

It may be disappointing to hear that some songs (by any artist that you like) aren't popular, but it doesn't equate to 'hate', and it may be exciting to hear that some songs *are* popular, but it doesn't equate to 'love'. You are dividing the world into 'with you' and 'against you' and then trying to surround yourself with what used to be called 'yes men' - if we're not 'yes men' and 'yes women' we're 'haters', and not showing 'love/luv', aren't we? We're either with you, or against you.

These U.S. American ideas about showing some 'love', being 'haters', 'hating on' (it's not possible to 'hate on'), 'bashing' and the like are very immature, and there's something about them that's not just opposed to intelligence but also opposed to reality itself.

Reality is more nuanced, more sophisticated and more complex than this facile 'love' and 'hate' (I refuse to use 'hating on' - it needs to die out), or 'love' and 'bashing', or this strange overuse of the word 'support' for bands, singers and such.

Outside U.S. English, to bash means to hit, to strike, to smash, to crash into, to dent, but it does not mean to criticise or to express negativity towards someone or something. It has nothing to do with criticism. Unfortunately you will now find it starting to creep slowly into some of the newest editions of UK dictionaries because so many people are slavishly copying the USA's youth culture in all its aspects. I presume the same is happening in other Englishes around the world.

It's not a trend that I like because it comes from a state of mind that we all have when we are young children. It's not an adult state of mind, they're not adult concepts. To refuse to grow out of the child's mindset is a refusal to grow up, to grow old, and to die. I can understand why people don't want to grow old and die, but I can't understand why so many people don't want to grow up. Using words like 'haters' comes from and reinforces that childish mindset in which we categorise everything that crosses our path as 'good' or 'bad' based on crude, primitive sensory inputs. As children we divide reality into 'good' (meaning 'I like it') and 'bad' (meaning 'I don't like it') in a cartoonish way. But we're meant to grow out of it, not stay in it forever and fill the internet with it! It's like fast food for the brain, it's bad for the grey matter, bad for relationships, bad for creativity, bad for politics, bad for society. But it's good for manipulating people, which makes it easier to make money out of them, to make them argue with each other, to win their support for wars, and to get elected.

Cultures everywhere are being transformed into babyish versions of themselves so that they can be turned into products to be bought and sold. That's one of the reasons why Madonna isn't as popular as she used to be - the industry she's in and the music it churns out has become even more babyish than it already was, while she's grown older and become a parent.

So now you know why all this 'queen forever bitches!!' kind of talk grates on adults. It's like travelling in a car full of kids shouting 'are we there yet??!' every 30 seconds. Yes, you're excited, but please, give it a rest and stop telling us that we should all be like you. We were once!


Thanks Patrick!! Glad to see some luv instead of bashing :D @Steve, who said my comment was directed towards you anyway?! If you're not a MADONNA hater why do you care?? I really don't give a shit about the charts or radio because they both suck ass lol. Was that "charming" enough for you?? LOL!! Everyone that I've talked to loves MDNA!! So that's all that matters!! :D


interesting, Steve. I guess it depends on the crowd and the area. i'm in nyc and GGW got a pretty good reception when it was being played here. TUTR seems to be pretty popular when it gets played too.


@InDaSnatch: Aren't you the most charming of people with your use of language.

And, anyhow, as someone posted once before, the Billboard Top 10 Dance chart is meaningless. Just because a DJ plays a track to death one week, does not mean it is popular with the crowd. When the DJ used to play GGW at a club I go to, it usually cleared the dancefloor! (Oh, and I love that song by the way, before you go all pubescent on me and call me a 'hater'.)


Awesome!! Now where are all the comments?? This is when we should show MADONNA support!! This is also something the haters should recognize and respect too!! THE QUEEN FOREVER BITCHES!!

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