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Tuesday, 28 August 2012


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I agree with you all. Also,Guy Osery has to go! However, Madonna is so smart and in the past she has always kept a firm eye over her career and her employees- what's happened to her?? MDNA era appears so half-hearted on all accounts.


Whilst I agree totally with Mark on the one hand, is that not also saying that Madonna is no longer in control of her career? I fail to believe that - this is the woman who, yeasr ago, had every cheque faxed to her for her approval before it was issued!

I really cannot believe that M would allow her career to be so mishandled; equally, I cannot come up with any reason for why everything from the promotion of the tour to the promotion of the album has been so shamboilc :-s


Totally agree with Joe and Mark!!! Yes, it's insane!!!


@ David H., I totally feel and agree with you!! :D


Why are they only seeking airplay the 25th of SEPTEMBER?
It's a brilliant song!
A lot of issues with the success of this album and the singles is down to Interscope and management


Live Nation sucks. And Guy Oseary too. They are destroying Madonna's recording career. All they do is tour tour tour and releasing digital singles to download. Where are the CD singles? where are the promotional pictures, the interviews in TV channels, The Video Awards Shows performances, SNL, Rolling Stone Magazine cover, etcetera? And please no decent album can have less than 4 videos released before the world tour starts. This album barely had any promotion. It's insane!

David H.

There's only one QUEEN.. and that's:

This makes me so happy!! I truly believe that MDNA in 10 years will be critically viewed more positively just like American Life is now... I never bought that album until 2 years ago and it has some really great songs on it!! American radio is so lame now...

why are they not playing TUTR on pop radio??!!?? it's a really good song...

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