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Monday, 16 July 2012


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The video isn't bad, the song is.
why not release "I'm addicted", "Gang bang", or "Beautiful killer", instead?
And please explian what is "explicit" in this video!


The music is awesome and she is Super Hot hot hot hotter than Britney and Lady Caca


sellout? lost it?? she is a pop star. you are a sellout from the beginning.

lol. 30 years later. same comments haha


she's had huge success for 30 years, eventually your quality level has to go down. Her peak was years ago, she still puts out decent music. No, not EVERYTHING Is going to be groundbreaking! She's in the middle of a huge, tiring tour, she probably didn't have time for a huge production.

Thomas Drum

I think the concept of this video could have gone in another direction, I was actually inspired by the Idea that Madonna is surrounded by fans and Pops ....what could have been a cool idea would be that when she Turn's up the Radio ...she feels freedom Dancing in the car and with people on the street but the treat her like a human..which I think people seem to forget.... after a career That has out lived just about every other Pop star on the Planet, Madonna does not have to prove anything to any of us.


I also agree.....tired....boring...desperate. Nothing is interesting me about this era....she has lost focus....sold out. Snoozville

Juan Pablo

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!! I hate to agree cause I love Madonna SOOOO much but this video was a SEVERE let down! Madonna, come on! WTF????


I really like MDNA, much more than Hard Candy. Turn up the radio is an ok song but the video is just boring. I wish Madonna would have released Gang Bang instead. The song is dark and original. Could be a great video.


Oh...just now I realized it...the driver is not that cop from Britney Spears video " I wanna go " ? Does anyone know his name ? I didn't know he was dancing with Madonna in the MDNA world tour...


Lady Gaga, anyone?

Go watch her awful videos if you don't like the newly 'unfocused, uncaring' Madonna. lol


I told madonna bout releasing music & videos during RETROGRADE...........everything will FLOP !!!

She released MDNA cd during first RETROGRADE-March 12th till April 4th & look what happened:FLOP.

Now she did it again as we are in 2nd RETROGRADE season: July 14th till Aug.8th....now look: no one likes video 4 TURN UP THE RADIO ! SMH-"Some Girls" have 2 learn the hard way !

FYI: RETROGRADE......look up the meaning of the word & you'll see what i'm talkin bout: STRIKE-A-POSE !!

STILL LUVVV U MADONNA !!! just keeping it real.


I dont have an issue with it--I love it--why do we expect the coming of christ when it comes to what she does--cant she just do what she wants?


I agree with most people here (I'm a massive Madonna fan too, and can't wait to see her in concert in Hyde Park London, the video for 'Turn Up The Radio' is very average and was expecting something AMAZING! She looks her best, but was expecting something more. Lets hope she kicks Arse in Hyde Park, cause I was left disappointed in Istanbul where she turned up 2 hours late. Have some respect for your fans Madonna!


This looks like a "making of" more than a video. The backdrop videos at her tours a hundred times better.
I love her, don't get me wrong, but the video sucks.


As if any of the other videos out today are any better lol. None of them are fresh or cutting edge! They all say and do the same thing to songs that all sound alike. Now that's boring! That's why I refuse to watch crappy MTV! They shouldn't even call it MTV anymore since all they show is bullshit reality tv. I think the video is wonderful in it's simplicity! Why does everything have to be so over the top these days? That's why nobody stands out anymore because they all try to top the other guy, but end up being stail and carbon copied lol. This video reminds me of how videos use to be back in the day when MTV rocked and artists stood out more!

Daniel Smeets

Instagram anyone?


HUGE Madonna fan here but I was underwhelmed by this video. Yes she looks fantastic but there should be more to the video than seeing her ride around doing nothing. This is an incredible song from an incredible album from an incredible artist and deserved to have the most exciting video to move this song up the charts. I am afraid that won't happen. It's heartbreaking really.


I had high hopes for a proper video. but I just dont think the video is all that good. Madonna looks stunning in IT. she looks absolutely gorgeous but the video doesn't do the song justice. The video is boring.
Shame cause with an awesome location like Florence, i expected better. with the fans running after Madonna in the background it looks so amatuer-ish
Its definately not my favorite Madonna video but its one of my favorite looks shes ever had, she looks amazing! Im just happy it wasnt filmed in front of a green screen with her shaking and writhing in the same moves she always does, It definately could have been worse! I will say though Im sick of seeing so much of madonnas dancers vs her in her videos now. Theres too much focus on them and not her alot of times. The video is safe and kinda fun although i dont know why its considered explicit?


It's ok. Just that there is so more she can do than wear black and push her boobs up and out, we've seen this theme before.


@lina-tour isnt actually sold out-& everyone is entitled to thier opinion.just because some of us fans dont constantly kiss arse everything madonna does-doesnt mean were any less of a fan than you.it means we have a mind of our own & a valid opinion-you know-like madonnas always encouraged us to do & have!!!x


Meh. She looks great. Song is so-so. And yes, I remember the anticipation of a new Madonna video. She used to be cutting edge. I agree with other comments, MDNA has left me very cold except for 2 songs (I'm Addicted and I'm a Sinner), other than that, she seems bored and unfocused. Also, there is nothing daring or shocking or revolutionary about flashing your tits and ass... everybody has seen them! I think it's beneath her and comes across as a desperate cry for attention. That may be another thing that is leaving me feeling ambivalent about her these days.

I also want to say, as a fan of Madonna's since her first single came out, I am not 'a hater' because I don't slavishly love and adore everything she says or does. I have a mind of my own and am allowed my opinion. When someone refers to herslef as The Queen, she had better live up to the hype. At any rate, as a true Madonna fan, I will express myself in the positive and the negative. It's called free speech! Deal with it.



I always start a negative comment by saying I am a life long fan and will always love Madonna, but not love everything she does.

Nothing artistic or creative for the best song from the MDNA album. "Turn up the radio" was supposed to be the anthem of the summer season. Where was the energy and fun spirit of the song in the video?

Though she looked stunning, the obligatory video was lackluster and self indulgent, and she was obviously tired since it was filmed during her exhausting world tour.

Madonna is no longer about music and creative innovative videos. She is about tour money, retail, retail, and retail.

Lina Morgana

You Haters Are So Annoying! Dont You Understand That She Made This Between Dates ON Her Huge Massive Sold Out Concert?

Of Course Its not As Flashy And Movie Like! But ITs Still A Madonna Video! THe QUeen Of Videos! So You Should Give Respect Where Respect Is Due! Its About HAving Fun With HEr Dancers ANd On Vacation! Not Like You Other Trolls Who Sit Behind A Computer Judging Because You all Jealous She Is HAving FUn And You Guys Arent! And Kudos For THe Guy Who Accepts These Comments! Are You Happy Posting All Negative Stuff? What a Lovely Madonna Fan Site You Have HEre! *deletes Madonnalicious From Favorites*



I have to agree. There is nothing memorable about this.


I feel really sad that I (and many others it would seem) no longer feel any sense of anticipation for a Madonna music release. I wasn't a fan of 'Hard Candy', but the excitement when I first heard '4 Minutes' was phenomenal.

It all seemed to drift from the release of 'Miles Away' onwards. Although 'Celebration' was a big hit (in Europe, anyhow), thereafter it seems to me as if Madonna just kinda lost interest in the music.

I will never forget the first time I heard 'Hung Up' in a club and it just set the place alight. Alas, those days seem to have gone, as nothing from "M.D.N.A." excites me (OK - one exception: 'I'm Addicted' does!).

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