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Tuesday, 17 July 2012


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Dale Guerrero

Madonna's fanbase spans 2 generations, majority are successful moneymakers so it's no surprise her arenas are full even if the ticket prices are so high. It's not really all about money. It's the quality of her tours that make people come back and ask for more.


Gilbert U.

Dario & jeffrey: Thanfully for Madonna she has a loyal following in us and knows that we wish her ongoing success in her career. :-D


I agree with you! This information must be sent to the lady rubbish fans. On the other hand I think people prefers being negative and never says positive comments about this great woman! I really love her since 1986 and I have never felt disapointed. Long live to the real queen of pop or it could be better GODESS of pop



Gilbert U.

Very interesting! This posting appeared two days ago and has received ZERO comments. Nonetheless I'm happy that it was posted and that the FACTS are once and for all demonstrating the strength in numbers of Madonna's MDNA tour.

Yes, everyone that visits this site is entitled to voice their opinion, to free speech, to proclaim how they are a long time Madonna fan and then rant on negatively about her album, MDNA tour pics, Turn Up The Radio video, behavior and so on. But it looks like this group of individuals are in the MINORITY while everyone else is having a great time enjoying her current album and tour. LONG LIVE THE ONE AND ONLY QUEEN OF POP - MADONNA!

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