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Madonna confirms release date for 'Turn Up the Radio'

Madonna has confirmed the release date for her next single 'Turn Up the Radio'.
The third single from her MDNA collection will be released on August 5 through Interscope in the UK.
The track was confirmed as her next single following 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' and 'Girl Gone Wild' last month.
It is co-produced by Madonna and French electronic DJ Martin Solveig.
Madonna filmed the accompanying music video for the single last month in Florence, Italy.

From Digital Spy


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So, suddenly, 'Masterpiece' is forgotten as a single in the UK? I know it charted - just - at #62, but TUTR is technically the fourth UK single...


Who is lost? You? She is who she is, that is the way she has always been. Given the same musical choice as an album (singles too) and somehow hit no.1 in the UK or around the world. Would you see/hear it differently? wow, GMAYL n GGW are the reasons That I love Madonna? Erotica somehow became a classic? When in 1992, it was the song/album that defined madonna was a has been, and that was 20 years ago and I was convinced by the media n people around me. Thank God Madonna do not read shits, I finally understand Nobody knows me, I used to find it uncomfortable to have message ' I dun watch TV or read a magazine, yes she reads books, not daily mail.


The first two singles were so badly marketed here in the UK, if i were her? I wouldnt even bother releasing anymore singles. She should finish the tour and put an end to this miserable chapter. The way they have neglected the album and singles in favour of a lucrative tour, its an embarrassment! Talk about alienating fans! The Madonna of old would never have compromised chart positions, as for the tour, the stage is small and the set totally boring. Nothing new. Certainly not worthy of all the hype and considering the album/single promo was put aside for the tour, the tour itself is nothing special. Shes lost it, not only her chart presence but her touring kudos too. Living out a contract is all she is doing. Sad.


can't wait 4 it..

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