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Wednesday, 18 July 2012


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The poles need to get a life and find some work to do. Don't they have anything constructive to do. Why dont they rant and rave about something serious? Maybe Madonna should not bother going to that pathetic country? DV, these judgemental people do not live by theBible and do not have the love of Jesus in their heart. Jesus would have sat down and hung out with Madonna. Besides, they would not do this if Madonna were a man, sad to say.....Crazy religious folks are well, just crazy and not doing God's will, nor do they know G.., they should be more careful what they do and say in the
Lord's name.


I remember they did the same thing when she was there for COTDF and Polish fans were embarrassed by them


you know, religious people are willing to suspend belief to allow for a man to turn water into wine, walk on water, raise the dead and perform his own Resurrection, but the concepts of symbolism and irony are completely lost on them. furthermore, the idea of freedom of expression and artistic protest is fundamental to a free and civilized society and by prohibiting that, they become the very thing they despised during WW2. its almost laughable. i feel sorry for any young person who blindly follows a religious organization without question or critical thinking. its 2012 not 1892, read a book besides the bible once in a while.

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