Madonna gives concert tickets to peace activists
Sound check taking place


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To Gilbert U:

Thanks for your post, BUT if you took the time to read my post PROPERLY, the crucial word you have ignored is "INITIALLY".

INITIALLY, the tour did NOT have a name other than 2012 Tour. The truly dreadful tour poster bears testament to this.

Ergo, I assert my statement that the tour WAS rushed and only became known as The MDNA Tour *more recently*.

As for "where have I been"? I log onto this site almost EVERY DAY.....

Gilbert U.

In regards to the post from "bristar": Where have you been? All of the tour merchandise posted via this website has had "MDNA 2012" all over it. This merchandise has pretty much been on sale since her concert was announced and tickets went on sale.


This tour is just like her MDNA album. A rushed thing just to make money.


Love it! One of her best yet, totally amazing!

I do find it odd that is has only recently been referred to as The MDNA Tour, when it wasn't initially. I have a feeling the whole tour thing has been very rushed in its release!


stunning is all I can say.

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