More tour rehearsal pictures revealed
Madonna's Son Teaches Her To Breakdance


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LOVE Donna Summer! I remember my Mum playing the "Bad Girls" album when I was a kid. A true talent was Donna, so R.I.P. sweet lady xxx

Shawn Kavounas

What an absolutely beautiful thing for Madonna to mix Future Lovers in with I Feel Love. I just loved how it turned out so much! RIP Donna Summer.


both are my favorite ladies of dance! hearing Madonna cover I Feel Love by Donna Summer was a perfect alignment of the stars! My 1st concert was Donna Summer's She Works Hard for the Money Tour in 83 & my last concert was Madonna's Sticky n Sweet tour. RIP Donna, we love you.


Bristar, thanks for sharing your memories. I was just listening to Once Upon a Time on my way to work. Madonna definitely should do some kind of tribute or cover,


Such a sad, sad loss. I Feel Love is probably the most important and influential pop (disco) records ever. In its day, there was simply nothing like it that had ever come before. Patrick Cowley's INCREDIBLE full-length remix in the early 80s took the record to even greater heights in terms of impact.

And, boy, could Donna SING!

Sleep well with the Angels, Donna xxx


I was devastated to learn of Donna's death, since only her closest family even knew she was ill. She was booked to headline this year's Lovebox Festival, complete with a twenty-piec orchestra/band, but withdrew a few months back with no explanation to the promoters. Sadly we know why now.

Being older than probably many of the posters on Madonnalicious (!), my heroines in the 1970s, before M came along in the early 80s, were Diana Ross, Debbie Harry (and Blondie), and Ms. Summer. In fact, the first ever live concert I went to without my parents, as a teenager, was to see Donna in concert at The Rainbow in Finsbury Park. That concert sticks with me to this day. Since these were less security-conscious days than now, I stood right at the stage door with my friend from school and we took photos of Donna as she left The Rainbow and got into her waiting limousine!

Donna and Giorgio Moroder's influence on music in the late 70s must never be overlooked. In fact, Brian Eno is quoted as saying that when he was in Berlin with David Bowie, recording what became known as The Berlin Trilogy of albums (namely, 'Low', ' "Heroes" ' and 'Lodger') he told Bowie that he had "heard the future of music" and played Bowie "I Feel Love".

Fast forward to Madonna covering "I Feel Love" at the opening of The Confessions Tour - like Will, I thought I had died and gone to heaven! If you are reading this, Madonna, PLEASE do a tribute to the truly wonderful Donna Summer (Sudano) on the tour this year.

We all know the impact Ms. Summer had on disco music and, further, many argue that Donna's "Once Upon a Time" album contained, possibly, the first ever 'trance' tracks, although that term was not coined at that point. She has left a legacy that many artists can only ever dream of, and will be very sadly and sorely missed by life-long fans such as myself.

R.I.P. Donna xxx




R.I.P We all love the disco girl, Donna Summer was amazing and thanks to Madonna to performed that song on your tour .


bla bla bla...Donna Summer is the first Queen of Disco...


This was a great mash-up and a wonderful tribute to Donna, I think Madonna is a huge fan. Donna will be missed.


When I heard Madonna's cover of I Feel Love, I almost died. I Feel Love is my favorite Donna Summer song and for Madonna to do it, was amazing. Donna Summer was awesome!!!

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