Live from Tel Aviv: Fourth Act (Celebration)
Madonna kicks off world tour in Israel


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how can you claim to absolutely love MDNA and then bitch about the songs she is performing from it on tour? Why is any Madonna fan bitching about the set list at all? It is no surprise that she will choose some obscure songs from her catalogue to perform live. It is her choice to perform anything she wants and if you don't like it do not buy tickets, and quit bitchin about the reworking of songs. It is so refreshing to hear them in new ways, a reinvention perhaps? Just sayin...


How about those costumes??? There has to be, just has to be, another color for Madge other than black?!! Always the damn black costumes and lace. ENOUGH!


IT's not just you....others have raised many of the same points. Some of these choices are total head-scratchers. Someone should have said to her 'WTF are you thinking with s h i t songs like Revolver and Candy Shop?' They were horrid then and time hasn't changed that.

And if you're going to promote MDNA, then at least put one of the best songs, Love Spent, on there for crying out loud.

(I do disagree about Vogue though....I can't get tired of that one! LOL)

Gary Ryckewaert

I am a huge fan, but definitely disappointed in the set list. Love "Vogue", but let's face it, she has done it every recent tour and the superbowl. "Some girls", "Love spent" and "Superstar" would have been better choices than "Turn up the radio" and "I'm a sinner". Why "Candy shop"? Can't stand the song and she just did it on Sticky and Sweet. What on earth was she thinking with this list? I absolutely love MDNA, but the songs she chose to highlight on this tour are the weakest on the album in my opinion, but that's just me.

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