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Madonna in holy land to kick off world tour


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I am the hugest Madonna fan, been supporting her since 1983, but recently, well this MDNA era anyway, i just seem to have lost interest... This era, the album flop, poor promotion and dire singles release schedule etc in the UK, its just left me feeling very deflated, uninspired and not very eager to see her. The whole thing seems to be lacking something, something that other eras just oozed... A hit number 1 single and bags of interaction both visually and sonically from team Madonna, its as if she just isnt here, no excitement prelude, no airplay, nothing. It just isnt the same. No number 1 single, no buzz... terrible. She may as well just put the tour out on DVD.

Martin Romijn

looks dark and edgy! totally love this!
i think its just from one part (segment ) of the show and i am sure there will be totally diffrent looks for the other sections!
i cant wait ! till 7th july in Amsterdam!


Those old gas masks again?

The Lion

She likes to recycle old elements - the cross, the gas masks from DWT, violent screen shoots - but in a way they are her trademarks, so it's cool. GANG BANG is going to be amazing with the motel setting, a sort of continuation of the WIFLFAG video.


If you go to the website you will see more picutres and they tell me that we will have some deja vu: incense chalice and priests/monks (Blond Ambition/StickynSweet), cross (Confessions), dancers wearing gas masks (Drowned World),.... So, let's see which other stuff will be the themes on the tour.

byron monte

that old cross again?

Paul Stec

I was hoping the stage design was going to be a bit more elaborate as its just a back wall of video screens could easily be pics from Reinvention, sticky & Sweet but Im sure it will be an amazing show


I likeit , But please DO NOT POSTED MORE PICS ! lets to get surprise for the show, Is Madonna we know is going to be the best in the world, I promise my self no to whatch any video of the concert or pics no more, Please keep it as a surprise !!!! I can't for the tour !!!




I was expecting more. If the article wasnt´t been titled I easily could think these images came from any previous Mad Tour.
I hope MDNA Tour becomes in one of the greatest tour ever. Let´s wait few days to confirm it.


I doubt it's a full dress rehearsal, the Adidas windbreaker pants and non-matching shoes on the dancers would be a little disheartening if that's the case. And her outfit is a bit too similar to what she wore during the Rave section of the Sticky & Sweet Tour. Guess we'll know in a few days. Either way, awesome pics! Cannot wait for November 8th!!!


I like the red cross, its very dramatical and i think it will cause the typical controversy in conservative countries


This pictures look great. MDNA Tour is gonna be amazing!!!


Amazing! It will be TOUR!


All I can wait is the best of all pop tours in last years.


Can't wait till she hits Atlanta baby, but where is all the new tour merchandise?


Can't wait to see the concert live.

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