Press Pictures 1: Tel Aviv Opening Night
Press Pictures 2: Tel Aviv Opening Night

Madonna kicks off world tour in Israel

Pop music star Madonna treated tens of thousands of ecstatic fans in Israel to the inaugural show of her 'MDNA' world tour on Thursday, performing in a country where she has long claimed a special bond.
The 'Material Girl,' a devotee of a form of Jewish mysticism known as Kabbalah, danced, bumped, grinded and vogued in flashy costumes to a raucous crowd at Ramat Gan stadium near Tel Aviv.
Madonna emerged on stage in a confessional, breaking through its glass window using a rifle, which she then aimed at the audience. She wore a skin-tight black outfit to sing her first song, 'Girl Gone Wild,' accompanied by dancers dressed as monks.
She went on to sing 'Give Me All Your Luvin'' and a mash-up of the classic 'Express Yourself' and Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way,' dressed as a marching band conductor.
While some artists have opted to boycott Israel because of its policies toward Palestinians, the 53-year-old Madonna's ties to the Jewish state have only strengthened in the last few years.
She has made personal pilgrimages in 2004 and 2007 along with other Kabbalah devotees. She wrapped up her 2008-2009 "Sticky and Sweet" tour with two shows in the Holy Land, her first in 16 years.
For years, violence kept musicians away from Israeli stages. Now, with the ebb of the Palestinian uprising over the last decade, performers planning concerts have faced pressure from activists to cancel their appearances in Israel as political punishment.
A number of artists have heeded the call, while others like Madonna, Paul McCartney and Leonard Cohen have performed to gracious fans in recent years.

From AP Via Yahoo! News


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I have a feeling the setlist will change when she announces The MDNA Tour...2013 ;-)


It's time to celebrate!


Love her dearly but this show is just like her new album. TOO RUSHED.

I smell a flop among fans.


I love Madonna - but the show is TOO SHORT, and the setlist is awful. Needs a few more classic hits. Otherwise, visually stunning.


Happy Holiday, madonnaliciousfans. It's Christmas Day, isn't it? Hope you and Littlestar all have a great tour. xxx. S.

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