Live from Tel Aviv: Concert For Peace
Live from Tel Aviv: Gang Bang


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Love Spent should have been included! :)

+ I'm glad to see the BORN THIS WAY message continue it's growth... Even if Madonna's doing it this way... ^.*

[Express Yourself, feminist, FEMALE-empowerment anthem, "don't go for second best baby, put your love to the test... make him express how he feels and maybe then you'll know your love is real..."]
[Born This Way, post-feminist, SELF-empowerment anthem, "no matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgendered life: I'm on the right track baby... No matter black, white, or beige, Chola or Orient-made... I was born to survive!"]


Exactly, a few mash-up would have been amazing.

Candy Shop and Human Nature again? Is she senile????


Love Spent could've been thrown in after Open Your Heart!

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