Live from Tel Aviv: Third Act
Press Pictures 1: Tel Aviv Opening Night


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MADONNA - guy oseary and Jamie king and interscope are f.....g your career up! For someone who has always been respected as a 'control freak, strong woman, in charge, with it, finger on the pulse, preemptive idol - you're now becoming a repetitive same songs, same dance routines kinda bore! And I've loved you since I was 15 in 1984! You have such a massive back catalogue and yet ''you" choose to perform the same songs and dance routines since reinvention - no pun intended. I am going to Birmingham to see you probably for the last time - you just don't give a s..t about your real fans anymore x


not so sure of the celebration as ending she could have done it with Keep it together where lola and rocco would dance with her. i really think she should do a W.E. part too, like in Masterpiece she should have been "Wallis" dancing with "Prince Edward VII" look a like while singing Masterpiece.
from the looks of it, Like A Virgin rehash version of Girlie Show is unnecessary, or maybe she could stretch a W.E version of singing Like A Virgin


Yes, Love Spent should have made the set-list. Also, while I love MDNA, she needs to give her fans the full breath of her music--more old stuff like Dress You Up. It's the folks for the 80's who are coming to her concerts and who stuck with her all these years and who still love her. Nonetheless, it's Madonna so everything will be great.


Totally feels like a missed opportunity to have a 'moment' with her center stage, backlit, singing "Falling Free"... she's at her heights with that track. BUT I'm still counting the days until she's stateside!


Have to say all my MDNA tracks are in there,Some Girls is and Superstar are my least favourites off the album.Totally love Candy Shop track its one of the best tracks off Hard Candy,the track i would of dropped is Like a Prayer...yes i know its a great track but like Music has been done to death!


i'm disappointed the 2 best Mdna's songs are not in the setlist : LOVE SPENT / FALLING FREE


The opening was another brainwashed act by her career ruiner Guy Oseary, she walked there, she walked here, posed once or twice, jumped a bit, as if she was afraid of falling throughout the entire show. Her live singing was boring and flat, she couldn't really dance properly, it was all about look at my outfits and enjoy the visuals...So, what is going o Madonna? Is this how you are going to retire? Wish she never left Warner's...cause it was all about music first then tours, not the other way around. Just sad seeing Madonna lose all her edge and high standards...


I wish Love Spent, Falling Free, Take a Bow, You'll See, Bad Girl, Who's That Girl, Angel were included in the set list. I was also hoping there would be W.E. section. She spent so much time and energy these last few years on the movie. It would have been nice to see W.E. somehow incorporated into the show.
I was also hoping she wouldn't go with mostly black again. I feel like this tour was rushed just like MDNA was rushed. Madonna needs to record a couple albums next time before going on tour.


Still waiting for "Where's The Party?"!!!


To be honest I was expecting for big comebacks from her catalogue, like Whos that girl, Cherish, Secret, Deeper and deeper, don't tell me or jump. Human nature, candy shop, like a prayer, hung up........again???? where is love spent and falling free? where is holiday?. But i like the fact that she reintroduced Justify my love, open your heart and papa don't preach.


Still wanting "Where's The Party?" or "Take A Bow". Maybe on a future tour...


I also think there should be added 3 more songs at least, I go for HOLIDAY, FEVER and KEEP IT TOGETHER. She, The Queen, is smart, and I am sure she is gonna read comments on Facebook and Twitter even here so I hope Some changes come for next shows. I love what I have seen from this 1st night. She rules and will the POP MUSIC WORLD.

Loudon Clear

"I'd rather a little less theatrics and a lot more music. And yeah I get she is promoting an album but there are so many songs that should be sang."
That says it all. And when she does classics, it's always the same classics. She finally got over her obsession with Music and Holiday, but Open Your Heart is the only song that she hasn't done in over a decade. Plus she sounds winded from too much dancing in the videos I've seen. The religion theme is tired too. Like others, I also don't understand leaving out Love Spent. It's the best song on MDNA and the only sad song that isn't totally bitter.


no MUSIC? wow
no SOME GIRLS? wow
with william orbit doing a lot of the MDNA album, i cannot believe there is not ONE SONG from the ray of light album. a little upset. c'mon M!

Frank Laanui

The set list is a little disappointing mainly because Beautiful Killer didn't make the cut. Thats the best song on MDNA. I must say that there are a couple of songs that we could have done without. For instance.... Vogue,and even Like a Prayer for that matter. I really thought she was gonna do Physical Attraction that would have been the ultimate. But nevertheless, I'm a fan always will be a fan forever. See ya in Los Angeles.


Some fans will love the setlist and some not. With such a huge catalogue she can't make everyone happy. In my opinion, three of the strongest on MDNA are Love Spent, Falling free and Some girls and she didn't include them on the show.The reasons, I don't know, maybe they didn't fit with the acts or the concept. The oldies she chose are very good, except Candy Shop which I don't consider a hit. That being said, I have no doubt the show will be amazing and I can't wait to watch her on Seatle. MDNA is gonna be the tour of the year!!


Yeah... That las segment needs like two more songs! Love spent needs to be on this tour!!! :/


I wish she would do a few mash-ups with the older hits.

Candy Shop, is she fucking kidding??


I've been a Madonna fan since 1983 and this set list is so poor... No Love Spent, Nothing from 'Madonna', what happened to Bedtime Stories? and What It Feels Like For a Girl? or Who's That Girl? Over and Over? Physical Attraction? LIVE TO TELL!! weep....such a missed opportunity. Next tour she does should be B-sides and Album tracks only, just like Kylie Mingue recently did. Then I'll buy a ticket.


No LoveSpent???? What??!! My Favorite song from MDNA ...would have been great live -acoustic version.


Candy Shop??? You got to be effing kidding me!


Where's love spent, some girls and falling free?? These are the best songs of MDNA Im a little disappointed of the set list ... Where's RAy of light???

Drew Love Spent really sucks.

And the second tour in a row without Holiday?? Come on, that should be a staple.

However, I'm pretty pumped that Vogue is in there...def my favorite of hers.

bret alleman

love vogue cant wait for my girl in my home cleveland nov 10!


NO lovespent???

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