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Madonna's UAE concert details revealed

'Girl Gone Wild' released in the UK

'Girl Gone Wild' had it's official UK release this week - here are the details on where you can buy the various formats available.

CD Single (Amazon):

CD Single (HMV):

12" Picture Disc (Amazon):

Remixes (iTunes):

Remixes (7Digital):

Thanks to Ben


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So, GGW manages an appalling #73 on the UK charts this week!!!! :-o

I would never have imagined that M would have a run of FOUR flop singles in the UK, three of which never even made the Top 50!


Also agree that it is no ageism but rather a poor promotion of MDNA. This album can't be compared with Confessions but also agree it's much better than Hard Candy.

I simply think people expect Madonna to re-invent herself every time she releases a new album. New Madonna, new topics like she has always done in the past but with MDNA there is nothing special, unique, so I guess people lost interest.


R1 said they wouldn't play it before it was even finished so I'd like to know how the knew the 'bad quality' of MDNA ???
The vinyl is now @ £14 which is ridiculous !!!


Madonna obviously isn't that bothered about her sales anymore so calm down everyone. It would be embarrassing if she promoted the album to death and the singles flopped but she hasn't, but it still got to number 1 all over the world with zero promo


@muli: I would partially agree, except I think MDMA Is a great album, certainly not on par with Confessions, but better than Hard Candy. I think the choice of single releases is slightly suspect. They should have released "Radio" 1st since it's the most radio friendly.


it is a flop as mid-week sale shows. she didn't even managed to get to top40 in uk:(
what a shame!


@ joe: You know, I really do NOT think it is ageism, honestly I don't. Not in the UK, anyhow. Brace yourself for this M fans (and I am one of course!): it's simply because 'M.D.N.A.' is a bad record, imho.

In the UK, ALL the singles from 'Confessions on a Dancefloor' received extensive airplay; again in the UK, 'Four Minutes' and 'Give It 2 Me' were on near-permanent loops. IMHO, ALL the singles from 'Confessions' were fantastic; the two singles I mentioned from 'Hard Candy' were fantastic.

'Miles Away' bombed in the UK, I believe, due to lack of promotion by M/the record Company. 'Celebration' was also a radio favourite and a big hit here. 'Revolver' was just abysmal - I never heard it played on the radio once (or even on a music TV channel), and that was M's biggest flop ever in the UK.

No, sorry - a combination of lack of promotion by M, coupled with a very weak (or, at best, mixed) album in 'M.D.N.A.' is the real reason, as I see it.


Offer Nissim and Kim Fai remixes are missing from the UK releases, Amazon are reatailing the import maxi cd for £5.25. That version SHOULD have those remixes on that standard UK releases are missing. Terrible really, this nation by and large invented dance music yet we always get denied her best remixes! This COULD be a top 10 hit for Madonna, but Interscope dont really seem to understand how to release a single to ensure a high chart placing, idiots!


....isnt it to late?MDNA is such a great work.It is a Shame.. there is no Promotion for MDNA.Seams like a "Delay" or just beeing to focused on the Tour.
No Radiostation plays her Songs ,just the the "old"ones.Iam happy to see Madonna in Barcelona and in Berlin twice=)


may i ask with extreme anger , where the hell is "turn up the radio" video ? :#@!@#!@#!


What about a maxi-cd single? The cd single just for the Cognito remix is such a waste of money...


WAY to little too late really, people dont even know this single is out! No radio play, no magazine reviews... as for the formats themselves, the digital bundle is missing the best versions which are available to all the other itunes countries! AND it is a whole lot more expensive here, since when did a picture disc single cost £11.00?!?!?! REALLY! Its disgusting, such a money making rip off ploy! It deserves to bomb! Why did they even bother? The video has been out for 8 weeks, the digital verison came out last week and the silly physical formats are out weeks apart too! Ridiculous! No wonder everybody downloaded it illegally months ago.


yeah i bought the cd and 12 inch today , but another bomb i think, no radio airplay or video play. she should try and be less sexual for a moment.


I agree, it's a good song, but radio doesn't care about madonna anymore. Sad, but true. Doesn't matter how good the song is, age-ism is in full effect on top 40 radio. That's why they are focusing their sights on where the money can still be made: the tour. Expect to see 1 more single with a video (maybe, she's been busy rehearsing for the tour), then the album will be done. You can't stay on top forever folks!


Will there be a U.S. physical cd single or remix maxi single?

The Lion

Isn't this a bit too late to release the single? I would think it's about time to put Turn Up the Radio out so that it can gear us up for the tour (not that I need it myself, but it'll be cool to have something nee before the tour). And I hope it's not going to have a live video shot in 30 minutes. The videos from MDNA have been brilliant so far, I hope she continues the tradition.


About time :)

I had them today, the CD and 12" arrived today, but still haven't heard it on the radio or seen the video, apart from online of course !!! Another flop then me thinks :(

Shame, it's a brilliant song with a brilliant video !!!

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