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I wish she hadn't done it... even though her message is clear: only one Madonna was born this way, i.e. born Madonna, the other is a copy of the one who was born this way.

However I don't want Madonna lowering herself to this, nor do I want Madonna's mouth to utter the words of Stefani Germanotti.

Madonna being Madonna speaks for itself, and that is more than sufficient.

Adrian Matos

Madonna singing Born this Way??? I think she should stop this stupid rivals war. Lady Gaga and Madonna are both great singers.


nice playback show, as usual


Dear God, chill ya all..
She's allowed to have fun on her OWN tour, isn't she? fCs
+ it's all tongue in cheak anyways & why not set a few records str8 while on the go..
have a blast, Maddy! You always do!!




I think it's a genius move, and not spiteful at all. M is joking about the whole made-up controversy. I bet she's perfectly fine with Gaga and vice versa. The only problem is that Born This Way is the much weaker song and Express Yourself doesn't gain anything musically by the juxtaposition.

Suing Gaga for plagiarism would have been just about the stupidest and uncoolest thing Madonna could have done. All kinds of music borrow from somewhere. The works of Bach and Mozart et al. use bits from other people and nobody even thought about pretending otherwise at the time. This is how culture develops. I don't actually see any point in anyone suing for plagiarism, unless it's something like a starving artist whose song was published as a whole in someone else's name.





I think that this could be understood either as a slap in the face for Gaga or simply the fact that they are 2 different artists.
But with all the "reductive" fuss, it is coming as an awkward move that Madonna doesn't need.
But a Madonna show without a little controversy is not a real one ;-)
And as Wales1978 said, I really think that the war between the two of them is much more of a fan thing than anything else...


....I still don't hear any similarities between these 2 songs.

Gilbert U.

After reading all the comments on here it's clear that we all have different perspectives on the 'Express Yourself' and 'Born This Way' medley. I'm in agreement with "vanka" in that the real rift is between the fans and not the artists. It seems that everyones view of how this medley can be interpreted depends on HOW YOU VIEW MADONNA.

Vanka and I view Madonna as saying "I like Gaga and how these two songs mix together". Others seem to have their "hater shades" on and think that Madonna is only trying to be spiteful. Nonetheless, Madonna is getting us to once again think, talk and share our opinions of her artistic interpretation. Really, what's wrong with that?

We are all SELF GOVERNED INDIVIDUALS and no matter what is said we will always have our own view of the whole Madonna / Gaga "feud". Personally I don't care. All I want is to see Madonna in concert once again and have her perform whichever songs she wants in which ever manner she sees fit. :-D Now that is a TRUE BLUE Madonna fan!





OH MY GOD I heard the intro to PAPA DON'T PREACH after Gang Bang! YAYYYYY!!! Can't wait to see this tour! It's gonna be the best!


I don't like the point she's making. She's really reducing herself and making herself seem far more reductive than lady gaga. Yeah we get it gaga copied her song and??? I think that would have been flattering for an artist of her callibre. Now she's throwing it back in her face. It's a bit boring if they are both in on the controversy and row between them. Very boring. I like the medley but not her point.

The Lion

I have ambivalent thoughts about the Express Yourself/Born This Way mash-up. On the one hand, Born This Way really is Express Yourself and it was a mistake on Gaga's part to even write this song, let alone release it as a single and call her whole album with the same name. In that sense, I strongly supported Madonna and found her comments about the song being reductive to be just and elegant. This, however, takes it to a whole new level. This mash-up cannot even be taken as a joke, it really presents Madonna as someone spiteful and rancorous, especially with the She's Not Me part. Madonna has always been controversial and shocked people with what she does in an intelligent way. But if this mash-up is her new way to generate controversy, then I find it insipid, distasteful and worst of all - predictable. I think that a more mature approach would be to dismiss the song, as she did in the interview, and then ignore it. After all, time will be the best judge. Express Yourself will remain a revolutionary and ground-breaking pop song. Born This Way will be forgotten pretty soon, I believe. Madonna does not have to rub it on everyone's face that she was the first to do it. A more classy and effective way would be to let the song speak for themselves. All she will achieve is to alienate people who like both her and Gaga, and at this point of her career it is not a very smart move. Anyway, these are just my thoughts. I simply would have preferred her to focus on her own songs than make the show a personal revenge to a rival pop star. In any case, I am positive the tour will be brilliant as usual. I will just cringe when the mash-up moment comes up.


I agree with Wales; the real 'war' is between fans, not between Madonna and Gaga. We should move on this ridiculous 'fight' once and for all.

@Luis on the contrary, I think is kind of cool that she mashed-up the two songs. Is like she's clarifyng that she likes Gaga but provoking her, I don't think so.

byron monte

just chill @dario. it's 2012, things leak. don't watch it if you don't want to. easy as that. xoxo


I truly believe that the tension between gaga and Madonna is all made up. Both gaga and Madonna are behind this they are both in on it.


I don´t like when people post pictures or videos of something which should be a surprise for all of us. I don´t even watch them but it´s really disgusting. Fans from some contries should pay a lot and when I say a lot I say TOO MUCH, VERY EXPENSIVE to see the show and then find these advances taken from some places hide behind a chair is very disgusting.


I love Madonna but I really think she should have not done the medley of born this way and then jump into she's not me, only because she should have just been more mature about Gaga and show indifference instead of provoking what doesn't need to be noticeable. If she has a problem with Born this way why doesn't she sue Gaga? Either then that I think this will be an amazing tour. Madonna forget Gaga just do your thing and bring some more hits...Promote your Album more and spend less time with childish behaviours towards other artists.


Express Yourself and I heard the beginning of Papa Don't Preach at the end of Gang Bang!!! OMG I have chills, could she be doing alot of her biggest songs on this tour?!?! I can't wait till she hits Atlanta in november gonna be an epic tour!


I really wished she had not done the mash-up between Express Yourself and Born This Way. It really lowers herself.

Also, I do not like the way she sings "Express Yourself," here---very much like "reInvention Tour," and she does NOT have a southern accent so why try to sound like it.


That so cool!!

Urethera Franklin

Wow, too funny. She is mashing up Express Yourself with Born This Way. Madonna is the Queen of reductive SHADE....

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