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Lee Mahoney-Hill

Can't believe what is happening to Madonnas chart performance (singles). I have never heard GGW once on the radio. All the stations seem to be playing the same old songs over and over, stuff from months ago even late 2011 stuff! Some serious marketing needs to be done for any future single releases. Madonna is still popular, MDNA went to No.1 and the tour is selling out. But most Madonna fans are now in their 30s/40s people who don't have spare cash to buy multiple formats etc. We just download or buy a CD copy and thats it.


I'm sorry to say so but the major reason why the singles aren't charting high is because (this pains me to say) the material just isn't that strong,to hear that Gang Bang is a future release just makes me angry as there's no way on earth it will do well, I do like Gang Bang but it's not a Number 1 record let alone top 20!! I personally think she needs to work with some writers like Cathy Denis and record a good old pop record that's fun and doesn't take itself to seriously. Look what happened to Kylie when she dropped the Indie/alternative image she adopted late 90's and went back to Pop with Light Years, Kylie was practically forgotten about but then released Light Years and then Fever which both went back to pop and she exploded, If Madonna followed her example I'm sure she's be number 1 (singles wise) again.


Ask the bloody manager, guy oseary, by the way, ggw is madonna's42nd dance club play no.1 single in USA


This is an absolute sham! Yet another low charting single for the press to crawl over!! What the hell is going on?!?! Where is the promotion and consistency with these songs?!

john Suddes

It doesnt matter how many formats they release a the same time........ unless you are a fan and read fan sites you would not know this song exists let alone was about to be released.
I have not heard the song once on a radio station or TV music channel, I have heard it once in a bar when I was out at the weekend. The video wont get airplay because of its content and yet again there has been no promotion at all for the single.
It doesnt matter who you are you can not release a single without promotion and expect it to chart high. There are not enough Madonna fans left now with disposable income these days to go out and buy all 5 formats of a single to get it to chart high. I like the song but I fear it is going to bomb!


Agree with Fitsy. The Interscope debacle trundles on with "Masterpiece" literally just scraping into the UK singles charts this week at a depressing #69.


They need to get this release right and get ot out onto radio! All the mixes need to be out too


kan anyone tell me wts going on with madonna`s marketing planS ?? wht the hell is this ?
her song released on february 5th with video, song released that month, but album releasd on 26th march? wtf ? how the fuck kan any artist keep people asking fr albums at stores..people forget it..and fans already download songs anyway..the billboard charts are therfore getting fuckd up...plz tell madonna and her team..this is fuckng bad... othr anonymous artists are selling higher than madonna..n it makes us all (fans) angry...fuck man

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