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'Girl Gone Wild' remixes available on US iTunes

Madonna's 'Girl Gone Wild' remixes are now available for purchase in the US iTunes store. They include:

1. Madonna vs. Avicii - Avicii's UMF Mix
2. Dave Aude Remix
3. Justin Cognito Remix
4. Kim Fai Remix
5. Lucky Date Remix
6. Offer Nissim Remix
7. Dada Life Remix
8. Rebirth Remix

Fans should remember to please purchase the songs all SEPARATELY rather than as the bundled 'album' because the album purchase only counts as one song purchased rather than 8 songs. Since 'Girl Gone Wild' premiered this past week on the Billboard Pop Songs chart (at Number 38), it is important to continue to support the single in an effort to see it hopefully premiere on the Hot 100 soon...which it has yet to do.

Thanks to Chad, David and Tepster


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I made a video of the Offer Nissim Club Mix, check it! http://youtu.be/j-J_HcGwKtg


@ Aaron: agree with much of what you said, but it is clear to me that neither M nor Guy appear to have much interest in promoting the album - it's all about the tour.

Also, Hyde Park is STILL far from sold out (as is the case in many locations), despite being on sale for months...


Is there any real chance that G.G.W. could actually make it into the top 40 and get significant radio airplay? Given: a) high unemployment and underemployment, b) fans' having already spent vast amounts on tickets and albums, c) the general public's ignoring of MDNA, d) very limited post-Super Bowl promo from M, it seems to me the answer is a crushing no. I would love to buy all the songs individually, if enough fans' doing so would actually push the single into the top 40. MDNA needs the general public's support though, too, not just hardcore fans' support. I am hoping that album sales pick up amid moderate/casual fans. The album is not a masterpiece, like M albums of yore, but it is far better than its meager sales reflect. If Madonna focusing on her tour for our sake rather than promoting her album properly for her and the public's sake, we fans need to do it with our friends; our purchases alone neither spread the word nor catapult MDNA to success.

Lawrence Stern

So if we buy the bundled album, it counts toward "Girl Gone Wild" as a single charting on the hot 100? The EP is not considered an album??


hmmm...$6.99 for all of them or pay $1.29 each. I think I'll just spend $6.99. I don't think madge needs the extra money :)

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