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Wednesday, 28 March 2012


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Madonna is every chat show host's nightmare. She vets everything in advance, even more so than other stars. In fact, one of the reasons Parkinson refused to interview her for so long was for her demands (Google it, if you don't believe me).

Ironic of course that she recently declared that she isn't a control freak!

But I still luv ya, M!

Dee Vine

well ... i don't know the snob and a half. just let him be. he's probably just wanted a piece of the stardom that our queen is having. lots of people envy the career Madonna has. so a lot will be against her. they did know that the more they hate our queen the stronger we love her. long live the queen.


I just don't get it ... This guy is IDIOT


Piers Morgan is a phone hacking moron! Thank god hes been packed off to the States!


Piers is a nob

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