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Sunday, 11 March 2012


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Toy4Paco: you've hit the nail on the head. Not many straight men would buy/wear anything "designed" by Madonna, I would guess. I am gay, but the idea of a club full of queens all wearing something by Madonna doesn't seem a good idea, I must say!

A bit like when it seemed every queen was wearing Jean Paul Gauliter fragrance: you used to go into G.A.Y. and be hit by a wall of the stuff! LOL


@ Mee:

Very interesting! The reason I say that is because my Uncle is a Purser with BA and he was reponsible for the First Class cabin when Guy Ritchie travelled with Rocco and David (after Guy and M had divorced). Not a nanny, assistant or helper to be seen; no, just the three of them. Says a lot!


Love you, M, but with the army of nannies and helpers you are able to employ (and do - I have a friend who is cabin crew with BA and he told me about the size of your entourage when he carried you from NY to London), I am afraid that your calling being a single mother 'hard work' rather falls on deaf ears!


I am wondering why with all that Madonna does, clothing lines, sunglasses, fragrances…. why not for men? I would LOVE to see her take on Men's wear! I would absolutely love to smell a men's fragrance from her. You would think that with all of her gay fans, this would be a no brainer! Come on Madonna, give me some FIERCE Men's wear!!!!!!

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