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Sunday, 18 September 2011


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Victoria A/B and Mel B/G/B

As if Mel C's opinion is of any value! This artical was there SOLELY because she has a new album out to try to flog (a dead horse).

Anyhow, this sentence about Madonna is a bit poor, to say the least:

"People compare Lady Gaga to Madonna, but while I have a lot of respect for Lady Gaga, Madonna did all the groundwork for artists like her."

If people compare GaGa with M, it's pretty clear that M came first! You can compare a drag queen with Madonna, but it still doesn't detract from M's amazing achievements.

Go back to promoting your current (commercial flop) album - you know, the one that didn't even scrape into the Topp 100 - Ms. Chisholm!


Thank you!!! I feel like no one gives Madonna any credit for as Mel C puts it "Lay the groundwork for artists like her [Gaga}". I wish more people in entertainment would recognize this.


At last someone with experience speaks out about Madonna and her copycat nemesis GaGa! Mel hits the nail on the head however i am shocked that she placed Madonna so low in her top 10!! Madonna practically defined girl power and Mel only ever talked about Madonna as her number 1 inspiration, nobody else! Placing Adele and Beyonce of all people above Nadonna is sacrelidge! Beyonce cites Madonna as her inspiration too! In fact there isnt a female performer alive who wouldnt place Madonna in their top 2! Kylie, Rhianna, Britney, j-Lo, Beth Ditto and even Mariah calls Madonna a 'legend'. Whats wrong with people? Get real Mel, we know whos your number 1!!

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