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Friday, 25 March 2011


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I thought this was old news? We've been reading for months that the plan to build one big school has been scrapped for plans to help build hundreds of smaller schools instead. Why is this news now?


If a project failed, do not forget all the positive actions Madonna has done in Malawi and all the actions she will do.

Madonna has a big heart.


You know what I think this is a good move!! Better to do this right than do it half arsed ,I've seen a lot of projects in Malawi were big donors come in put no work in and leave!! And it doesn't benefit anyone just holds back progress. I hope this will not over shadow the rest of the work M does in Malawi!!


Shame on Madonna who has helped thousands of Malawians orphans to survive.

Glory to Lady Gaga who has herself donated nothing for Japan disaster but sell a miserable bracelets with high useless post costs.

World press thanks to LG and condemn Madonna as usual.


I knew a whole school was going to be a massive undertaking. All I could say was,"WOW!!" with just my mini macro idea's for a scholarship program. She has a special place in my heart for sure, even if I didn't acknowledge her standing right next to me (from fear? ;).


This is utterly scandalous. Almost $4m just wasted? I'm sure many people who have donated to this charity, including myself, will have second thoughts about ever doing so again. Of course, it isn't Madonna's fault, she has ploughed a fortune into this too, but it has all been dreadfully mismanaged.

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