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Thursday, 24 February 2011


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Jennifer Violette

Love Kelly Osbourne. This is a much better fit.


OMG! I've always loved Kelly Osbourne even before she remade Papa Dont Preach and was on The Osbournes. I loved her style and her attitude. She looks great!


LOVE IT !!!!!! she looks so healthy and cool !!!!!! this is wthat girls needs to be looking at !!!!!!!!!

john Suddes

I prefer Kelly to Taylor but........ this line is aimed at teenage girls from 13 years old right?? Therefore why wear your bra on the outside? Taylor Momsen was a wrong choice I think Kelly O looks good but is a little old for the line and the styling is wrong too.

Jason Romero

Kelly is a very fake person, I cannot bellieve Madonna chose her. She started out as very anti-hollywood establishment who seemed to advocate accepting yourself for who you are... and now she clearly desperately craves attention from the "A List." She has no idea who she is anymore, and she has turned into a hollow soul, and more-anorectic looking Paris Hilton. Her notoriety is as hollow as the Kardashians, and sadly I think she would think that is a compliment! This is very disturbing and was a terrible choice.

Ashley Williams

Kelly looks GREAT!!!! A great choice! Thankyou Lourdes! We like Kelly better than Taylor...sorry, but true.


I have only one thing to say to you Madonna: Why didn't you give this to us sooner? :) :) :)

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