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Friday, 20 August 2010


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C. Gordon

Also, as far as I'm aware, song titles aren't subject to copyright unlike song lyrics. So anyone can write a song called 'Yesterday', 'Imagine, or 'My Way'. This is why songwriters aren't in constant copyright litigation with each other over the many matching song titles out there. In fact, how many times has the phrase 'I love you' been used in a song? Songwriters and lyricists aren't in constant litigation over that either. Which shows how much of a song lyric has to be poached in order for a complaint to become viable. Starting a clothing line and filing to use a (uncopyrightable) song title as a trademark, sounds like a fair cop to me! I'll be watching this saga with interest. Does look like Madonna is on thin ice this time...

C. Gordon

It depends who filed the term 'Material Girl' as a trademark first. The fact that it seems LA Triumph was able to file for the use of the term in business, is indicative of the fact that Madonna or her affiliates never filed for use of the term at all, and it is just a slang term brandished about when referring to Madonna. Madonna, it seems, has no legal right to use the term in business, and LA Triumph have known this since 1997, when they probably couldn't believe their luck when they first aquired the right to use the term. Sorry to sound like a solicitor, but it does sound like LA Triumph has the upper hand here.


Well, the song "Material girl" was part of the Like a Virgin album which was published in 1984...
1997 my ass! They just want publicity!

Johnnie Xavier

shouldn't madge sue this company back for using "material girl" since 1997?

Everybody knows who that one and only "material girl" is!

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