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Sunday, 24 August 2008


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She's never said that she abhors BEING late, she's said that she abhors OTHER PEOPLE being late.

It's common with egotistical personalities that they demand things from other people that they themselves refuse to give. It's a sign of feeling superior: in her own mind she has valid justifications for her lateness, but anyone that keeps HER waiting is not recognising her importance and is just holding her up.


So AGREE with you Damo! What's wrong with you moaners!? All what resonates from this bitching is a boring whingeing from unhappy little spoilts who can't even appreciate all the hard work, creativity and energy spent to deliver what it looks to be such a great show. So what!? It didn't live up to your same old expectations!??? Well, fair enough, everyone's entitled to have and express his opinion. But if you're gonna bitch for the sake of it, at least show a mininimum of respect for the artist that she is...Rome wasn't built in a day, neither was with 3 lazy spoonfuls of sugar this Sticky and Sweet show delivered to you!!!


Why did they say 40.000 then? When I saw clips it looked pretty full up!

I'm fed up of people bitching bout this tour. Least go and see it first then bitch!


The concert looks too much like a re-work of "The Girly Show" with Madonna playing Britney Spears. And why was she late??? She abhors lateness. Very strange!


The place was jam packed, it said in the cardiff paper only 40,000 sold but if you look on the other page it said 72,000... trust me there were hardly any empty seats it was 97% full!

& they boo'ed at madonna because she was on so late and every1 standing up was aching and angry


may i ask you something? is it true that the stadium was half empty??? please tell me???is it true that only 40000 out of 70000 tickets were sold???is it true that there were a lot of empty seats last night???

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