'Motor City - the hometown girl is back!'

Madonna may have ruffled some hometown feathers when she called the Detroit area 'provincial' earlier this year on Howard Stern's SiriusXM show, but she made it clear she was happy to be back on Thursday night, when her Rebel Heart Tour stopped at the city's Joe Louis Arena.

'Motor City - the hometown girl is back!' she declared towards the start of the two-hour and 10-minute show, and later she told the crowd that, 'Detroit made me who I am today' before talking about her involvement with entrepreneur and philanthropist Dan Gilbert - owner of Rock Financial, Quicken Loans and the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers - in women's empowerment and youth boxing programs as well as 'some new schools we're building.'

Though she acknowledged the city's recent financial problems and bankruptcy, Madonna announced that 'Detroit is making a comeback people, so watch out. We got heart, baby. We're in the heart of America. With all of its heart and all of this love we are gonna build this city back up. Believe that!'

Madonna - who was born in Bay City, Mich., and raised in the Detroit suburbs of Pontiac and Rochester - also gave shout-outs to her father Silvio 'Tony' Ciccone, and to daughter Lourdes, who both attended Thursday's show. She dedicated 'Rebel Heart' to her dad, thanking him 'for making me so strong and instilling this drive in me to survive.' And before her version of Edith Piaf's 'La vie en rose,' Madonna credited Lourdes - a second-year student at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor - with inspiring her to pick up the ukulele, which Madonna played on the song, and also noted that Lourdes both plays the ukulele and speaks French better than her mom.

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Madonna visits Detroit Downtown Youth Boxing Gym

Madonna visited one the Downtown Youth Boxing Gym in her hometown of Detroit, she has been helping to support this gym since 2014.

'Downtown Youth Boxing Gym is the place to be!! Was so inspired by Cortez a young and talented Boxer hoping to go to the Olympics! If you want to help us with fundraising go to their web site for more info. #detroit ❤ #Rebel rebel-hearts'


'Don't Mess!!! Gurl Power👊 👊 👊 at the Downtown Youth Boxing Gym‼️❤ #rebelhearts'


Madonna still pulling out all the stops as tour heads to Detroit

She may not stir quite as much instant outrage anymore. The Top 10 hits may not come as consistently as they used to. There’s a new generation of pop starlets grabbing the headlines and social-media oxygen.

But don’t go betting against Madonna.

Having kicked off her Rebel Heart Tour earlier this month in Montreal - launching a global jaunt scheduled to run through the spring - the Michigan-born pop star will swing into Joe Louis Arena Thursday, scene of her hometown tour stop in 2012.

At 57, Madonna seems to have moved into the stage of her career where she reigns as a kind of confident, impervious pop matriarch, grabbing what she pleases from the music of the day, still happy to titillate when she can - even if she's no longer single-handedly reshaping the boundaries of popular culture.

The Joe show brings Madonna home to a region that’s been very much on her mind this past year. In summer 2014, she pledged funding to three Detroit organizations - Downtown Youth Boxing Gym, Detroit Achievement Academy and the Empowerment Plan - after touring a host of community groups in the city.

It was the start of what she called a long-term commitment to Detroit, where 'a piece of my heart will always be,' as the Rochester Hills-bred star said.

It was about that time when word emerged that her teen daughter, Lourdes Leon, had enrolled at the University of Michigan - the school Madonna briefly attended before heading off to New York to kindle her dance career. (Lourdes and Madonna’s father, 84-year-old Silvio Ciccone, are expected to be on hand Thursday, a source close to the Joe Louis show tells the Free Press.)

And then there was the Rochester Hills dustup in March, when she took to 'The Howard Stern Show' and criticized her hometown as straitlaced and stifling. Those remarks - later reiterated in an US Weekly interview - prompted rebukes from the city’s mayor and U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell.

A staffer for Rochester Hills Mayor Bryan Barnett said the mayor had contemplated attending the Joe Louis show to present Madonna with goodwill flowers, but will be out of town Thursday.

Madonna has always been tuned in to the latest dance-music trends, and 'Rebel Heart' certainly fits the bill. Released in the spring after a series of premature online leaks, the album sees Madonna carrying on the EDM theme she latched onto for 2012’s 'MDNA,' this time working with electronic-crossover producers such as Avicii and Diplo.

In an era when younger artists have upped the ante on stage production (see: Taylor Swift) and pushed the boundaries of pop-shock (see: Miley Cyrus), Madonna appears to be holding her own. By all accounts, the Rebel Heart Tour - part of her ongoing mega-deal with Live Nation - is a sizzling, top-end production, a spectacle of continually shifting staging, racy outfits, daring stunts and intricate dance routines, with a fit, high-energy Madonna at the heart of it all.

Reports have described a show featuring a playful, lighthearted demeanor to go with a set list that includes ample material from 'Rebel Heart.' She doesn’t neglect her older hits, but just like other Madonna tours of recent years, the veteran star uses the opportunity to overhaul arrangements and refashion musical approaches. Concertgoers who want to hear the oldies as they remember them will have to live with Madonna doing things the way she wants.

As Madonna nears her 60s, it remains to be seen how long she’ll keep running with the template that has shaped her career from the outset: the rebellious sexuality, the poking and provoking of religious conventions, the knack for keeping herself on the leading edge of fashion and trends.

Of course, many asked the same question when she turned 50 - and, for that matter, 10 years before that. We'll have to see what happens Thursday at Joe Louis Arena, but it's unlikely that Madonna is ready to be boring just yet.

From the Detroit Free Press

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Second shows added to Taipei and Hong Kong!

Madonna.com are thrilled to see fans in Southeast Asia showing their support for Madonna! Due to unprecedented demand, The Rebel Heart Tour has added shows in Taipei on February 6 and in Hong Kong on February 18!

Lifetime Legacy members will receive first access to tickets starting Thursday, October 1 at 10am local times.

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Madonna’s rebel heart on proud display at Boston's TD Garden

Truth or dare?

Truth: Madonna’s performance at TD Garden on Saturday night was a crowning achievement in a year that has unjustly denied her such moments.

Let me put it this way. The narrative surrounding Madonna in 2015 has not exactly been kind to the 57-year-old pop icon. You would think by now she has earned the right, and the public’s trust, to be whomever she wants. And yet the older she gets, the more she has to counter sexist questions of why she’s not acting her age ('I am,' she has said) and what is left for her to do.

Those critiques faded inside the Garden as Madonna reasserted a longstanding hallmark of her career: She is at her best and fights her hardest the minute you count her out.

'Tell me I’m no good/ And I’ll be great,' she sang on the opening 'Iconic,' a battle cry from this year’s “Rebel Heart,” a very good pop album that deserved to sell more than it did.

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Fan Report: 'I've been waiting my entire life to do this. Trust me. I will dance.'

madonnalicious reader Stefan was the fan that got picked to dance with Madonna onstage at the Philadelphia Rebel Heart Tour show and this is his story of the night!

Last night in my hometown of Philadelphia, a lifelong dream of mine came true: I danced with Madonna onstage.

I'm still overwhelmed with joy and love and emotion, but here is an account of how my dream became a reality.

In the second to last song of Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour, 'Unapologetic Bitch,' a randomly selected fan is brought up onstage to dance with the Queen. I had heard that the fan is picked before the show begins, so by the time me and my BFF Jennifer had taken our seats and the show started, I assumed some lucky fan had already been selected. So I did what I always do at a Madonna: got ready to sing/dance/cheer for the next two hours.

And I did, because the show is amazing since 1) Madonna's Rebel Heart Tour is one of her great tours - setlist-wise and spectacle-wise and 2) Jennifer and I were in the 4th row. There is nothing better than being close-up during a Madonna show.

It was during the end of the fourth-to-last song (Material Girl) that I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and there was a woman with a headset and walkie-talkie and a crew shirt and she said 'Would you come with me?'

I don't know how, but I INSTANTLY knew I had been picked to go onstage. I tapped Jennifer and said 'I have to go. I'm going onstage!' Jennifer looked at me like I had two heads, but I didn't have time to explain.

Along the side of the arena the crew woman asked me if I would like go up onstage and dance with Madonna. I couldn't have said yes faster.

She walked me towards the back of the floor section where a co-worker was waiting. The two of them basically drilled me, asking if I was DEFINITELY going to dance and how I HAVE to dance really hard and Madonna is happier when the person dances a lot and how the girl at the last show didn't do anything and how I MUST dance my ass off. I looked at her point-blank and said 'I've been waiting my entire life to do this. Trust me. I will dance.'

To read the rest of Stefan's story visit: stefanwithanf.blogspot.co.uk


Still en ‘vogue’: Madonna shows some things get better with age

Madonna carries the burden of being 57 in a world where Britney is an old maid at 33. But if we ignore Madge’s age, or forget that the current crop of hot, unremarkable young things run the pop industry, we can step back and enjoy the Rebel Heart Tour for the mature spectacle that it is.

Whoa, whoa, I know crucifixes as stripper poles and nuns in short shorts isn’t grown up. But Madonna’s packed TD Garden show last night still seemed so much more adult (in every sense of the word) than the infantilism of Katy Perry’s dancing sharks and Taylor Swift’s cutesy ’80s fetish.

Madonna’s visions have a smart, thought-out feel her imitators can’t replicate. Her dancers’ execution makes her would-be peers look like amateurs - the simple, thrilling choreography of -Deeper and Deeper- reminded that talent beats tech every time. Oh, and her pop crushes all comers.

'At the end of the day the smoke and mirrors don’t matter,' she told the crowd strumming an acoustic guitar ahead of (surprisingly) killer 'Who’s That Girl.' 'It’s the music that matters.'

Her new songs balanced the Material Girl with a modern one.

She opened with 'Iconic' and its bizarre sample of Mike Tyson ranting about his unequaled skills before dropping into a thumping groove that continued into 'Bitch I’m Madonna' and 'Burning Up.' Her 'Holy Water'/'Vogue' mashup mixed sex and the sacred (and those pole-dancing nuns). 'Living For Love,' maybe her best song this century, delivered the hook and gospel harmonies of old-school Top 40 - and had loads more snap and pop than her Grammy performance.

Unwilling to be enveloped in nostalgia, she deconstructed her classics.

Like 'Who’s That Girl,' 'True Blue' got an acoustic makeover, this one with Madonna on ukulele. Stalking the catwalk alone, she pimped out 'Like a Virgin' with a fresh club beat.

The band opened 'Music' with some jazz age swagger. She extended the flamenco vibe of 'La Isla Bonita' through a medley of 'Dress You Up'/'Into The Groove'/'Lucky Star.'

Ignore the constant chatter surrounding her private life and turn your back on the idea a pop star must be irrelevant after 30. Instead dig into her exotic and familiar cocktail until she can’t mix it up anymore - she’s good for at least one more mega-event like this one. Embrace that her blonde ambition continues to make her the genre’s greatest icon.

From Jed Gottlieb at www.bostonherald.com

Gone in 30 minutes: Madonna tickets for Hong Kong concert sell out

All tickets for Madonna’s debut concert in Hong Kong on February 17 sold out within 30 minutes of going on sale at 10am on Friday – setting what is believed to be a record for the fastest Hong Kong concert to sell out.

The concert venue, AsiaWorld-Arena at the airport off Lantau Island, can hold a maximum of 13,500 people. Tickets ranged in price from HK$688 for the cheapest seats to a whopping HK$11,888 for front-row seating.

Madonna’s Rebel Heart Tour began in Montreal, Quebec, on September 9 and will take in 64 cities before it wraps up in Brisbane on March 27, 2016. The tour follows the spring release of Madonna’s Rebel Heart album, the singer’s 13th studio album.

From South China Morning Post


Madonna Pays Tribute To Pope

Madonna dedicated a song to Pope Francis during her show in Philadelphia last night.

The pop superstar performed at the Wells Fargo Center just days before the Pontiff is due to head to the city as part of his U.S. visit.

Madonna made reference to his trip while on stage, joking that he is visiting the same cities as her Rebel Heart Tour.

She told the audience, 'The pope is stalking me. Either he's a copycat or he's secretly in love with me.'

The Like A Virgin hitmaker, who was raised a Catholic, also talked about her issues with the Church. She has previously infuriated Catholic leaders with religious themes in her videos and stage show.

Madonna even incurred the wrath of the Catholic League by including dancers dressed as nuns on her current tour.

'Rules are for fools. That's why I like the new pope. He seems very open-minded,' she declared at the gig. 'I've been excommunicated from the Catholic Church three times. It shows the Vatican really cares.'

She went on to dedicate her version of La Vie en Rose to the Pope, saying, 'Since Popey-wopey is on his way over here (to Philadelphia), I want to dedicate this song to him.'

From contactmusic.com